DOOM TRUTH – the truth war begins!

I have bad news for you.

You are being lied to. You are under attack.

You are a slave in a system that surrounds you every hour of every day.

But have hope. There is a way out. A counter-attack is happening. That counter-attack is DOOM TRUTH.

Your government and the corporations that suckle its teat want to control you. And you know what? they’re doing a pretty good job. They tell you what opinions are “allowed” on their social media cesspools of twatter and fakebook.

They tell you to eat plastic food. If you’re depressed, they tell you to dope up on pharmaceuticals to “feel better”.

They tell you to buy new clothes or a new car, then you’ll “feel successful”.

Meanwhile, their stealing your income to fund their wars and their sick, human experimentations. They feed off your work and energy like flies sucking juices out of a turd.

Well they won’t get juices out of this turd, baby.

I am R. T. Madsen. My compadres are like minded souls. We are DOOM TRUTH. We are dedicated to fighting this battle of information and bring you the FACTS that Big Brother is trying to hide from you.

We are here to show you the way out. To show you the TRUTH. It’s important so I wrote it in ALL CAPS! When a major events hits the news and the media whores of the establishment give their usual spin, we’ll be here serving up a big, heaping serving of the TRUTH. The goddamn TRUTH! You here me?

You think I’m kidding? We aren’t on the run, hiding in basements, just to kid around. This is the Internet, baby. And we mean business. Hopefully enough business to rent a full apartment.

Anyway, you know who we are, you know why we’re here. Keep your squishy, little eyeballs peeled for incoming posts.

Don’t be sheeple, people.

It’s time to wake up.

— R. T. Madsen and the DOOM TRUTH crew

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