First post – Welcome to my blog

So I started this blog as, well, a blog. I don’t journal, so I guess this will be like my online journal of my thoughts and experiences.

My name is Raymond Madsen. I just moved to Boston for a change of scenery. I write. I’m a writer. I write short stories and magazine and news articles. Stuff like that.

So, my life has been pretty normal up until now. Then, recently, I started seeing these billboards and advertisements all around. I saw them while I was driving. I saw them on the bus and the T.

All the advertisements had this weird symbol on it and the words “Ask, and we will show how far down this goes.”

I guessed a cult had moved in to town, when I got this really weird email. I copy/pasted it below.

– –


You are searching. We know. You have begun to ask the question. The question that could change your life.

After all, that is what Doom Truth is all about, is it not?

One of us will be waiting for you at the Milk Street Cafe in Boston this Sunday between 12 and 2.

Please be there. Begin your journey into knowing.

– –

How the hell do they know about Doom Truth? That’s the story I’m in the middle of writing.

I would have ignored this, but I gotta respond. I guess I’ll go meet them, whoever they are. My computer must have been hacked or something. I’m going to go there and tell these people fuck off. And who knows? This whole thing is so bizarre I might get another story idea out of it.

Updates coming soon. I may end up suing or, I don’t know. Something.


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